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Cup Match-Bermuda Holiday.Cup Match - Bermuda Public Holiday
Cup Match takes place on the Thursday and Friday before the first Monday in August.

Cup Match in Bermuda

Bermuda celebrates this two-day public holiday to allow its residents to watch a game of cricket between a team from the west end, Somerset, and a team from the east end, St. George's. On Cup Match days, many natives (Bermudians) don't actually go to the game but choose instead to listen to it on the radio or watch it on TV (pay-per-view anyone?). You will find many residents camping and picnicking at the public (Government) parks or beaches or both. The designated campgrounds are Ferry Point, Coney Island and Chaplin Bay but all public parks and beaches (including the whole length of Kindley Field Road from the Airport's entrance past Stonecrushers Corner to the swinging bridge into St. George's) are liable to be invaded by persons pitching tents from two days beforehand and until the Sunday evening after Cup Match. It is an island tradition that sometimes disconcerts tourists in search of a quiet area to enjoy the sun and sand.

"Ay Bye, Cup Match is for Bermudians!"

Tourist Cup Match Information:

Tourism Information: If you are planning your trip to Bermuda in the first week in August, you will not see Bermuda as it is the rest of the year. It is sometimes hard to find the usual level of service on this weekend (week?) of the year because literally, "THE WHOLE ISLAND SHUTS DOWN!" Bus service is on a very limited schedule, it is absolutely impossible to get a taxi anytime the whole weekend, you may find that many of the workers at your hotel who are normally there and excellent workers, not there at all for a weekend. Hopefully, if you have planned a trip on this weekend, you want to see us locals partying and having a good time. Even the most reserved let their hair down on Cup Match! Come enjoy the gambling at the Crown and Anchor tables, enjoy local food from the many vendors, try a rum drink from one of many mixed drinks or beer tents, oh... and, of course, check out the Cricket match.

Cup Match

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